Kitchen Islands are a very popular trend at the moment, and if you are having your kitchen remodelled then this may be something that you want to consider. You may just want to update the look of your current kitchen and the installation of an island is a great way to do this. We produce custom kitchen islands that are made from marble and engineered stone and we are confident that we can provide you with something that will look great in your kitchen at the same time as being incredibly practical.

We have the very latest machinery that allows us to produce kitchen islands that are contemporary and made to the highest standard. Our stone masons have many years of experience and we also employ highly skilled installation teams so that when your kitchen island is installed it will take pride of place and be the main focal point in your kitchen. We offer a wide range of different marble and engineered stone colours and effects, so you are sure to find something that will suit the decor of your kitchen.

Kitchen island materials

Cheap Feature islands might have pleasing designs and an appeal to those who are looking for the quick and easy route, but our island top are solid and meant to last. Quite often a cheaper, slapped-together feature island top can warp, crack, and even split along its seams if not installed properly. Where an average counter can fade in color and break down after only a short time, our feature island are engineered to last for years to come. When seeking renovations ideas for your kitchen it is recommended to think of the longevity of your bench, and what type of material you would like to work on. Our company specializes in various types of kitchen island, with engineered stone and natural stone being among our specialties.